Group class Training

AlphaStep offers four categories courses for kids & Teenagers which include; Foundational, Ninja Warrior, Fitness Builder & Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance

Training mainly for elevate sports performance, suitable for interested and elevated sports teenagers, coach team will provide professional muscle strength and physical fitness training based on movement patterns, energy systems to promote sports performance and prevent injuries.
The training also assorted 3 types: a) Ball Game training, b) Rackets Sports Training, c) Plyometric Training will fit for difference sport students.

Age group – 8 or above

Plyometric Training

The difference between plyometric training and general weight training is movement velocity (Movement Velocity). General weight training emphasizes muscle induction and load, using larger weights to build muscle mass (Hypertrophy) and muscle strength (Strength), and the movements are relatively slow; while plyometric training is based on speed (Speed) and explosive power (Power). It focuses on the stimulation of the muscle and nervous system, requiring maximum force output in the shortest time, which is closer in nature to the real needs of most competitive sports. Therefore, the two training methods target different physical qualities.

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Ball Game training

Ball games are based on strength and speed performance, and each training movement has a clear functional goal (e.g. explosiveness, agility, core strength, reflexes and coordination, etc.), so that what is practiced in the gym can be truly applied (transferred) to competitive competition.

When developing a program for an athlete, we are making attempts to connect the “Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands(SAID)” principle with what occurs within the sport, to improve performance in practice and competition. We refer to this as "sport-specific" training. A sport-specific program takes into consideration the primary muscles, movement patterns, contraction phases, and joint actions observed during the sport in question.

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Racket Sports Training

Racket sports different from ball sports in that they use a racket or other media to hit the ball. Therefore, training will place more emphasis on stability, energy transfer, muscle strength, reaction and agility, etc.

Likewise, ball and racket sports are based on interval endurance. Therefore, the rhythm of movement is often used in course design to simulate the situations faced in real games, such as speed control, strength control and explosive power, as well as injury preventive exercises etc.

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