The Brand

We designed AlphaStep to forge the fundamental movement skills of children and teenagers aged 3-17, while helping them create positive lifelong habits to unleash their full potential. Guided by the principle of delivering physical education training in an embracing and enjoyable way, our courses take children through their fitness journey step by step, by utilising fun elements with immersive training and ninja warrior facilities. To help your children excel, we promote a culture of support, set realistic goals, and keep track of their progress.

Our Story

Our team share the core belief that it is essential for children to engage in physical exercise from an early age. We were alarmed by the lack of emphasis on children’s fitness in Hong Kong, as physical education at local schools is currently significantly below the recommended WHO standard. At AlphaStep, we were inspired to change this norm in the community and provide a solution. Through building children’s fine and gross motor proficiency, confidence, problem solving, and interpersonal skills, we are set on ‘Forging Greatness’.


At AlphaStep, our vision is centred on ‘Forging Greatness’. We aim to make physical activity an integral part of every child’s day in order to create positive lifelong habits that will remain with them as they grow and enable them to unleash their full potential.


At AlphaStep, our mission is to give children the confidence, abilities, and motivation they need to be physically active and to try different fitness activities. We take children through their fitness journey step by step, utilising fun, interactive elements to develop the skills they need.

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