About the brand & concept

What is AlphaStep?

AlphaStep is an innovative fitness foundry, designed to forge the fundamental physical skills of children and teenagers aged 3-17, while helping them create positive lifelong habits that enable them to unleash their full potential. The newly designed 6,000 square foot space in Tseung Kwan O fitted with international standard certified equipment, offers 20+ individual courses across seven categories which include Foundational, Ninja Warrior, Mind & Body, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Specific, Parent-child, and Play & Learn.

How is AlphaStep supporting fitness training for children?

AlphaStep provides a range of courses that exemplify a balance between health and skill related fitness. The foundry is fitted with international standard equipment, including ninja warrior and immersive training facilities to take children through their fitness journey step by step, by utilising fun elements. Backed by professional physical training coaches and experts in youth education, AlphaStep offers a wide range of 20+ courses, incorporating the skills that are essential to strengthening a child’s mind and body at different developmental stages.
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