23 Jun 2021 | News

Healthy Hour Service Plan (For Adults)

The group fitness service at AlphaStep tailored for adults offers diversified, fun-filled & challenging classes suitable for all fitness levels. The AlphaStep coaching team of certified trainers foster an ultimate fitness community for all abilities and goals. We are creating positive lifelong fitness habits and working toward a better version of ourselves to live a healthy and more vibrant life.

Features of our Healthy Hour Classes:

  • Focus on both health-related and skill-related fitness
  • Structured, fun & innovative workout plan
  • Better motivation with like-minded community
  • Promote better metabolism via variety of classes
  • Look at mental and physical well-being
  • Access to training experts with international qualification & experience

Start your Healthy Hour with Us and experience the warm, friendly & non-intimidating atmosphere that makes you fall in love with fitness!

Message us (852) 6368 1045 for more information.

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